Date: May 24, 2019


WORK SHOW on nail art is a specialized congress, within which reports and group discussions on topical issues, brief presentations on the latest research and achievements in the field of nail aesthetics from international experts will be held.  Students of the congress will receive comprehensive knowledge of modern methods, technologies and trends in the development of nail art.
 The congress will be useful to certified masters, owners and managers of salons, students of beauty schools and their teachers, professionals who sell nail products for professional use.


 1. Alena Smirnova - "Price of the prize place or how much should the judge pay?"

 2. Natalia Goncharenko - "How to get rid of doubts and open your beauty salon"

 3. Hanna Vasco - "European competition stylet with internal and surface design"

 4. Olga Palenova - “One step from onycholysis to onychomycosis”

 5. Nika Zemlyannikina - “Success Steps"