Date: May 24, 2019

OPEN SHOW of permanent make-up


 1. TATYANA PETRIGHT - Permanent Lip Makeup “Hollywood Volume” in 2 colors

 2. TAYA MILICH - Permanent eyebrow makeup in the author's technique Needlekiss kombi

 3. INNA KHAN - Microblading eyebrows using Slide & Tap

 4. ARTHUR MANUKYAN - Microblading eyebrows in the technique of "Realistic hairs"

 5. IRINA MAKSIMOVA - Overlapping of old permanent makeup: lips, eyebrows, eyelids.

 6. OLGA GLUSHENKOVA - Ideal Skin fluid is an innovative procedure in permanent makeup.

 7. NATALIA MAZUR - Neodymium Laser Kodi Professional - the gold standard of new generation lasers.

 8. INNA OVCHARENKO - Powder eyebrow on oily skin.  Work as a Slop.  Author's perfect eyebrow technique for 15 minutes.

 9. NATALYA EGOROVA - Solution of age-related changes of the skin with the help of plasma arc apparatus.

 10 OLGA RYABOSHAPKO - Arrow with feathering in permanent make-up.

 11. LE DUNG - Luxury Lips technique


Price: 30 Euro

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