Date: May 24, 2019

WORKSHOP of permanent makeup by Anna Zabolotnaia


 Dark circles and bruises under the eyes is an acute aesthetic problem that almost every woman suffers from.  Dark circles aging face, create the illusion of fatigue and exhaustion.  For this reason, there is a constant search for effective ways to correct the problems of the periorbital region.

 For the appearance of dark circles, for the most part, responsible genetics.  If before the darkening of the skin under the eyes manifested with age, today, due to the rich rhythm of life and various disorders in the body, many people already face it in their youth.  Until recently, this problem was successfully resolved only by surgery, but today there is already an alternative solution for the effective correction of "dark circles" around the eyes - dermopigmentation of the periorbital zone.  Thanks to this method, a stunning result is achieved in the shortest possible time, and a positive trend is visible in a few days.  But, incorrectly executed permanent makeup can provoke even more aesthetic complications.

 The essence of the method of aesthetic dermopigmentation, as well as permanent makeup, is micro implantation of the pigment into the skin with a needle, which leads to a change in the color of the desired areas.  Unfortunately, working with the most delicate and sensitive area of ​​the skin is full of unpredictable moments. Despite the demand for the method, only a few among experienced craftsmen can perform this procedure qualitatively.  Deriopigmentation of the periorbital zone is a complex process that requires the specialist to have knowledge of glyboca in the field of medicine, visage, coloristics and psychology.

 At Anna Zabolotnaya's WorkShop, you will receive important knowledge about the correct technique for performing dermopigmentation of the periorbital region, as well as working out the most difficult moments on models under the guidance of an expert.

 - Features of the skin of the periorbital area for pigmentation
 - The choice of pigments based on their color components
 - The artistic look of a specialist: shades and skin pattern
 - Method of application and preparation of the corresponding equipment
 - Post-treatment for quick skin recovery
 - Prevention of complications
 Dermopigmentation of the periorbital area will allow your clients to forget about the problem of dark “circles” under the eyes for a long time, to simplify the daily care and look younger.

 All materials for the development of new technology provides the organizer (cars, pigments, consumables).*

 All participants receive certificates

Price: 200 Euro

*at the end, the masters will be able to purchase the machines on which they worked with a unique 25% discount.

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