Date: May 24, 2019

WORKSHOP of permanent makeup by Le Dung

Topic: "Luxury Lips Technique"

  • Themes of the workshop:
  • At the workshop Le Dung will represent his author's technique in the permanent make-up of the lips “Luxury Lips Technique”.
  • • Methods using a needle number 1
  • • Safe use of anesthetic
  • • How to make a sketch and shape the lips
  • • Needle work in two techniques
  • • Selection and use of pigments
  • • Correction of dark lips
  • • Pigment Stabilization Technique
  • • Medical safety during the procedure
  • • Post-treatment for preservation of the luxurious lips effect


  • The workshop will be interesting for:
  • • masters of the permanent make-up of all levels.

All materials for the development of new technology provides the organizer (cars, pigments, consumables).

 All participants receive certificates

Prise: 200 Euro

  • * at the end, the masters will be able to purchase the machines on which they worked with a unique 25% discount.