24 may 2019

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Development. Beauty. Motivation


About Forum

The Beauty Transformation Forum is the most inspiring beauty-forum. Well-known representatives of the media space, beauty masters, entrepreneurs, psychologists and marketing specialists will perform on the one platform. In the motivating atmosphere, the most acute and current topics will be fascinatingly revealed, and the insights gained will help to improve the quality of life.

Here the best of the best share their knowledge and experience on how to succeed in a career, realize own desires, achieve harmony in personal life, and most importantly, find a work & life balance, start enjoying the life.


"Balance. Family. Motivation"
Valentina Khamaiko
Andrey Onistrat
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  • •How to learn to set goals?
  • •How to combine a successful career and a happy family?
  • •Where to take energy and resource?
  • •How to set priorities in order to keep up?
  • •What helps to structure the life?
  • •How to teach husband to be a father?
  • •Teamwork or how to distribute responsibilities in the family?
  • •On self-realization and the need to be yourself
  • •How to find time for yourself?
  • •How to find motivation and new opportunities to achieve your goals
  • "Happiness - Manual"
    Alla Klimenko
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  • • What does happiness mean?
  • • How to form positive thinking?
  • • What do the changes in your life depend on?
  • • Where to look for a source of motivation, joy and happiness?
  • • How to live fully and not to depend on circumstances?
  • "Have a snack without overweight"
    Natalia Samoilenko
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  • •What does healthy nutrition start with?
  • •What you need to know about metabolism
  • •Why are there rules to follow?
  • •How to organize a diet?
  • •Weight control and weight loss
  • •Useful food habits, which should be adopted
  • "Stylish nation - strong nation"
    Viacheslav Dyudenko
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    Viacheslav Dyudenko's author's project about large and small transformations that change the life. In his speech, Viacheslav will tell what is the relationship between appearance, lifestyle and prosperity of society, and how leaders are born in the eyes of others.
  • • Role of the stylist in the evolutionary process of human transformation
  • • Tomorrow specialists - who are they?
  • • Trend image as the basis for success
  • • Importance of style in the development of a personal brand.
  • "The top master or the owner of the own salon? Advantages and disadvantages."
    Natalia Goncharenko
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  • • From specialist to entrepreneur: things you do not know about the beauty industry and will not know, until ...
  • • A fresh look: work in the salon, private practice and own beauty salon - drop stereotypes and start thinking
  • • Successful private practice: 3 steps to increase income
  • • Beauty Salon: 1 secret and 5 rules - start planning right now
  • "Master class on creating a successful Instagram account: the basic rules of perfect pictures for Instagram"
    Anna Suvorova
    Anna Nosok
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  • • Basic rules for high-quality content.
  • • Perfect selfie for Instagram: practical tips
  • • Secrets of photos that you want to like
  • • Instagram account that “earns” money
  • • Portion of inspiration and beauty
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    Thanks to the
    «BEAUTY TRANSFORMATION forum» you will:

    • Learn what specific steps to take to achieve your goals
    • Understand what mistakes you make and how to avoid them in the future
    • Learn how to manage properly your business for its dynamic development
    • Get efficient recommendations on how to combine family and career successfully
    • Get useful contacts, feel a surge of fresh ideas and energy
    • Get ready to change your life, business and the world around you
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