Judges and speakers


Valeriya Kutsan

• A stylist, makeup artist, master of international level. • Works as a “makeup artist” since 1996. • Works as a “hairdresser” since 1999 (master fashion designer). • Works as an “image designer” since 2011 (Bogomolov’ Image School). • Absolute champion of Siberia of two kinds of work 2005 (decorative cosmetics). • A bronze winner of the International contest “The Golden Rose”, Paris, 2005 (runway makeup). • A bronze winner of the XХХI World Championship, 2006 (runway makeup). • A judge of contests of decorative cosmetics, coach. • Author of projects for magazines, clubs, shows, advertising campaigns. • Since 2004 – makeup artist of «MAKE-UP ATELIER» (Paris). • 2007 – traineeship at school MAKE-UP ATELIER, Paris. • 2010, 2012 - traineeship at Fashion Academy Fashion Up to Date, Milan. • 2012 - traineeship at school ILLAMASQUA, London. • 2013 – traineeship by program “Make Up & The City”, New York. • 2014 – traineeship by program “LA Make Up Tour”, Los Angeles. • Teaching since 2005 (author course «Make-up профессионально!»). • Since 2007 – a leading teacher at School of professional makeup MAKE-UP ATELIER, Moscow. • Since 2011 to 2016 – an art director of MAKE-UP ATELIER Paris in Russia. • 2013 – Developing the own cosmetic brand of brushes for makeup Valeriya Kutsan. • 2016 – Opening the studio PROBEAUTYCLASS.


Tabya Tabuica

• Lash Artist & Trainer, with an experience of over 7 years in the Lash Making industry; • Founder, PR and Professional Coordinator of the first specialized beauty center, in Romania in lash extensions : Tabya Eyelashes & Beauty, Bucharest; • Creator and Trainer of the first Academy in Romania for Eyelash studies: Tabya Lash Academy and developer of own professional training programs; • CEO and Editor at her own glossy magazine, TabyaBeauty Magazine; • Organizator of two of the biggest Lash Events in Romania: Top Lash Camp and Top Lash AWARDS , 7-9 august 2018. • Brand Ambassador and exclusive Retailer in Romania for Neicha, O'Clair, Blan Shutte and LUANES brands; • Founder and Developer of Lash&Brow professional product line, “high class” category, Tabya Lashes (www.tabyalashes.com); • The author’s own method of volume tehniques, patented “TWIN LASH VOLUME 4-10D”; • Individual Expert Coach in the Beauty Industry; • Speaker and Judge for countless Lash & Brow International Competitions and Congress (International LashMakers Championship by Orlataya Irina, Beauty Performance, Sculptor Lash, International Congress Lash & Brow Rome, V-th International Championship Lash & Brow, Beauty Desire Ukraina, Olimpiadi Extension Ciglia Torino, Italy; Simetria Lash Pro Match; Global Congress Lash&Brow Bruxell, Belgium etc.); • Event manager and Sponsor for Lash&Brow International Events; • Active Participant in Asia and Europe at Beauty Exhibitions


Alena Stakhovich

- Founder and Director of the Studio beauty Lizetta - Director and lead trainer of the training centre Lizetta - owner of the brand Lizetta (professional tweezers for eyelash extension) - the Absolute champion among the justices of the peace, took the 1st place - The Best Work By Judges Around The Globe in 2016. / Best work with judges worldwide in 2016 - organizer of the international championship in Sweden WORLD SWEDEN BEAUTY 2017 and the championship of the Republic of Belarus in Minsk "rose of the winds 2018" - the Repeated champion and prize-winner in the top categories in all technical categories in the international competition of eyelash and biochemical eyelash perms 2013, 2014, 2015. - Ranked in Top 100 most successful and famous people Lash&brow industry 2016, 2017, 2018(project glossy) - Coach of the international level (England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, Jordan, Switzerland, Austria, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Transnistria, Romania, China, Vietnam and others) - Member of the jury of European, International and national competitions. (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Sweden, Poland, Ireland, Spain, Lithuania, Romania, Latvia, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Estonia, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Serbia, Portugal, Vietnam, etc.) - the Author of unique techniques of creating a flawless Royal surround eyelash style Lizetta 10-15-20-30d - Creator of the patented flawless schemes in the simulation of lashes in the style Lizetta , which has no analogues in the world. The Creator of a unique program that allows masters to win any world competitions: "The formula for success is winning at contests" - the author of the biochemical technique of Curling lashes "Biochemical Curling eyelashes. Biofinity eyebrows" - speaker of the European, International congresses, conferences and forums (Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Serbia, Spain, Greece, Moldova, Ireland, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Italy, Austria, Turkey, Romania, etc.) - winner of the international award "crystal eyelash" in the categories "Best education project" and "the Best Studio in the eyelash" is an international Trustee of the magazine "the LINES. LASHMAKER” - A practicing artist eyelash, lamination and biochemical eyelash perms, eyebrow shaping.


Irina Bogush

• Leading teacher of eyelash extension and eyebrow modeling at the Teaching Center Viva, city of Khmelnitsky; • Teacher-technologist of the Teaching center " KODI PROFESSIONAL ", city of Kiev; • Certified teacher of TM "KODI PROFESSIONAL", "Vivienne"; • Developer of the programs for classic and volume eyelash extension, as well as for classic eyelash extension skill improvement for practicing masters; • Developer of the author's technique for eyelash extension "Kim Kardashian's effect"; • Developer of the course on eyebrow modeling "Vew Magic"; • Developer and instructor of the manual biotattooing shading technique; • Constant participant of exhibitions and teacher of master classes at the "Kodi" stand; • Participant of the international conference "LashBoom" 2014; • Participant and winner of international competitions on eyelash extension since 2012: 1. "Golden Lion", city of Lvov 2. "Luxury Lashes and Brow", city of Odessa; 3. Gold medalist of the championship of Ukraine in eyelash extension "Cup of Kiev" in the nomination "Eyelashes Decoration and Creation of Image"; • Executive multiple judge of international competitions in eyelash extension and eyebrow modeling since 2014; • Coach of the Teaching Center "Viva" team for classic and volume eyelash extension; • Translator of visiting master classes in Europe; • Master with more than 10 years’ work experience; • Judge of the World Championship in Eyelash Extension IBF 2017, 2018; • IBF Prize Winner, Best School of Eyelash Extension; • Two times winner of the BeautyWest championship cups (2017, 2018), the best teacher of the Teaching Center "Viva" team; • Speaker of the congress Top-Lash Camp 2018, Romania; • Judge of the eyelash extension contest Meet 2018, city of Odessa.


Marianna Smirnova

Author and main organizer of the first global congress «Lash & Brow Queen», 2017 in Moldova. • Author and main organizer of the championship «Lash Queens», Moldova, 2017. • Author of technique «The whole eyelash extension in 60 minutes». • Author of the work organizer for masters «Magic box». • Founder of the brand «Indigo Professional». • Founder of the company in the beauty area «Consulting Master Lashes». • Founder of the Academy of eyelashes «Indigo». • International coach – Romania, Ukraine, Latvia, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Vietnam, Lithuania. • Author of the educational program for the beginners. • Author of the educational programs for the professional improvement. • Author of 4 books for qualification improvement, which are given to the masters at her courses. • Author of textbooks for the beginners. • Author of the method of eyelash extension «Russian royal mega volume». • Speaker at the conference «Lashmaker workshop», 2017, Almaty, Kazakhstan. • Speaker at the conference 2017 in Kazan, Tatarstan. • Member of jury panel and reporter on May 13-14 in Budapest. • Member of jury of the championship Lash Master HOA BEAUTY LASHES, 2017 in Vietnam. • Member of jury of the championship WLP LASHPREMIUM, 2017 in Voronezh, Russia. • Member of jury of the championship In Norway, 2017. • Member of jury and speaker of the championship and conference «Lash Drive» in Gannover, Germany on September 30, 2017. • Member of jury of the international championship in Vena, Austria on October 14-15, 2017. • Member of jury of the championship “Lash&Brow Ring”, in Zaporozhie, Ukraine, 2017.


Irina Maximova

Maksimova Irina • Director of the Irina Maximova Studio • One of the leading specialists in Russia with experience in the industry of permanent make-up since 2003 • Main directions of work:  permanent make-up (eyebrows, eyelids, lips, blush)  laser removal  overlap of low-quality tattoo  camouflage of scars and marks  restoration of mammary areola after various surgical interventions. • Co-organizer of the Pret-a-Porte event in Moscow; • Person of the year according to the magazine “The Lines”; • Award "Melgrana" - Legend of the permanent make-up, the V All-Russian Festival of the permanent make-up; • Member of the jury of the International Permanent Make-Up Tournament for the O.S.E.D. Cup, city of Krasnodar; • Member of the jury of the 1st International PMU Congress & Contest in Greece, Athens; • Member of the jury in the city of Kazan. Independent Permanent Make-Up Championship of the Volga Federal District; • Member of the jury in the framework of the exhibition “IluSonum” in Tallinn, Estonia, the International Permanent Make-up Tournament for the O.S.E.D. Cup, together with the Society of Specialists in Aesthetic Dermopigmentation and the Baltic League of Permanent Make-up Masters. • Speaker and jury member of the Worldwide Eyebrow Festival Rotterdam; • Speaker and jury member of the Siberian V Congress and SibBeauty Tournament; • Independent jury member at IBF 2017, Kiev; • Speaker and judge of the IX International Congress of Medical Cosmetology; • Judge of the competition "Nevsky Berega".


Olga Bobchinskaya

• Founder of eyelash extension studio in Odessa;

• Practicing master with experience of more than 4 years;

• Gold medalist of the international champion Browka Lash & Brow in the nomination 3D capacity, junior (Chisinau, Moldova) 2016;

• Silver winner of the IBF Championship in the nomination 3D capacity extension, Master (International Championship eyelash of extension, Kiev 2017);

• Participant in the 2017 Beauty Desire Championship special prize (for the best 2D);

• Bronze medalist of the BEAUTYWEST 2017 Championship in the 3D nomination, Master;

• Bronze medalist of the IBF Championship in the nomination volume capacity 3 D, PROFI (International Championship eyelash of extension, Kiev 2018;

• Silver winner of the Championship BEAUTYWEST 2018 in the category MEGA volume, PROFI;

• Silver winner of the Championship BEAUTYWEST 2018 in the nomination 3D volume, PROFI;

• Gold medalist of the International Meet Championship (Eyelash & Eyebrow Championship 2018) in the nomination Laminating eyebrows - Teacher;

• Silver medalist of the Meet Championship (Eyelash & Eyebrow Championship 2018) in the MEGA volume-teacher category;

 • Silver winner of the Championship Lash & Brow Queen-2018, Moldova (VIP category) KIM KARDASHIAN nomination;

• Certified trainer TC Viva “Lash Trainer” -2019;

 • Lash-Expert of the Championship Lash & Brow Queen -2018, Moldova;

• Lash-Expert of the Open Lash Championship, Bulgaria;