Judges and speakers


Einat Dan

Einat Dan is one of the leading Make Up Artists & Art Directors of our time. Her career
has spanned over two decades and reached almost every continent. Her groundbreaking
talent was apparent in her early work starting out in Tel Aviv in Israel leading her to
quickly move on to living and working out of cities such as New York, Milan and
Her main passion has been centered in Make Up art and her unique vision has built up a
client list the eads like a catalogue of great fashion houses. Her work has been featured
on the covers of all the great fashion and make up magazines often with articles
dedicated to the interesting life of the artist herself. This dedication to her work
transformed her into one of the most booked teachers for master-classes and workshops
to professional makeup artists worldwide.
Einat’s passion flows beyond the boundaries of make up into every area that can be
touched by her talent. In 2012 she created and launched a successful line of Makeup
Brushes called MIA by Einat Dan. In 2013 she found her new passion for fashion films,
writing the scripts, directing, producing and acting as head of make up on set. She has
also worked extensively on fashion shows, music videos, art direction and set design.
Her hand crafted headdresses and costuming have been showcased in many top fashion
editorials and covers worldwide.
This intensive dedication to her talent and career have lead her to win twenty eight
world awards, including top recognitions in the industries of makeup. She has an inner
fire that has burned consistently with the years of passion and resulted in a large
following of artistic admirers.

Great Britain












Artist, make-up artist.

In 1998, he started to work freelance. his work was seen in various magazines such as Vogue.it, Vogue Gioiello, Vogue Accessory, Vogue Sposa, Vogue Spain, L’Officiel Paris, Glamour Russian, Glamour Italy, Vanity Fair Italy, Marie Claire French, Marie Claire Japan, A Magazine, GQ, Jalouse, Wad, Zink, Easy Living, and so on…

As a makeup artist, he contributed to the development of advertising campaigns, catalogues and several fashion shows , for brands like Gucci, Nina Ricci, Kenzo, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Boucheron, Cartier, Lancaster, Lancel, Chloé, Christian Lacroix, Swarovski, Loewe, Azzaro, Ungaro, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jean Claude Jitrois, Silvio Beterelli, Massimo Rebecchi, Cristiano Burani, Brunelli, Darphin, Natura…

In 2011, he created the make up for the last 5 episodes of America’s Next Top Model-Cycle 16 (Bankable Productions).

In 2013 , Jabe began a new carreer as Creative Director for several magazines, cosmetics brands and he created an international avant- garde beauty magazine, called OOB Magazine which is sold worldwide.

In 2016, he started a TV show as a Beauty Expert for Elle Girl TV - Lagardere Group, launched in January 2017 (season 1 and season 2). 

Since 2016, Jabe is working as a color consultant in beauty innovation for the biggest cosmetics groups.

In 2017, Jabe achieved one of his greatest dreams by coming back to his first love, painting. He is working on a big exhibition end of 2018.



Irina Bogush

• Leading teacher of eyelash extension and eyebrow modeling at the Teaching Center Viva, city of Khmelnitsky; • Teacher-technologist of the Teaching center " KODI PROFESSIONAL ", city of Kiev; • Certified teacher of TM "KODI PROFESSIONAL", "Vivienne"; • Developer of the programs for classic and volume eyelash extension, as well as for classic eyelash extension skill improvement for practicing masters; • Developer of the author's technique for eyelash extension "Kim Kardashian's effect"; • Developer of the course on eyebrow modeling "Vew Magic"; • Developer and instructor of the manual biotattooing shading technique; • Constant participant of exhibitions and teacher of master classes at the "Kodi" stand; • Participant of the international conference "LashBoom" 2014; • Participant and winner of international competitions on eyelash extension since 2012: 1. "Golden Lion", city of Lvov 2. "Luxury Lashes and Brow", city of Odessa; 3. Gold medalist of the championship of Ukraine in eyelash extension "Cup of Kiev" in the nomination "Eyelashes Decoration and Creation of Image"; • Executive multiple judge of international competitions in eyelash extension and eyebrow modeling since 2014; • Coach of the Teaching Center "Viva" team for classic and volume eyelash extension; • Translator of visiting master classes in Europe; • Master with more than 10 years’ work experience; • Judge of the World Championship in Eyelash Extension IBF 2017, 2018; • IBF Prize Winner, Best School of Eyelash Extension; • Two times winner of the BeautyWest championship cups (2017, 2018), the best teacher of the Teaching Center "Viva" team; • Speaker of the congress Top-Lash Camp 2018, Romania; • Judge of the eyelash extension contest Meet 2018, city of Odessa.


Marianna Smirnova

Author and main organizer of the first global congress «Lash & Brow Queen», 2017 in Moldova. • Author and main organizer of the championship «Lash Queens», Moldova, 2017. • Author of technique «The whole eyelash extension in 60 minutes». • Author of the work organizer for masters «Magic box». • Founder of the brand «Indigo Professional». • Founder of the company in the beauty area «Consulting Master Lashes». • Founder of the Academy of eyelashes «Indigo». • International coach – Romania, Ukraine, Latvia, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Vietnam, Lithuania. • Author of the educational program for the beginners. • Author of the educational programs for the professional improvement. • Author of 4 books for qualification improvement, which are given to the masters at her courses. • Author of textbooks for the beginners. • Author of the method of eyelash extension «Russian royal mega volume». • Speaker at the conference «Lashmaker workshop», 2017, Almaty, Kazakhstan. • Speaker at the conference 2017 in Kazan, Tatarstan. • Member of jury panel and reporter on May 13-14 in Budapest. • Member of jury of the championship Lash Master HOA BEAUTY LASHES, 2017 in Vietnam. • Member of jury of the championship WLP LASHPREMIUM, 2017 in Voronezh, Russia. • Member of jury of the championship In Norway, 2017. • Member of jury and speaker of the championship and conference «Lash Drive» in Gannover, Germany on September 30, 2017. • Member of jury of the international championship in Vena, Austria on October 14-15, 2017. • Member of jury of the championship “Lash&Brow Ring”, in Zaporozhie, Ukraine, 2017.


Irina Chernysh

• Master of the international level, member of the makeup team of Ukraine, bronze winner of the Ukrainian Championship in the nomination Runway makeup 2011, gold winner of the European Championship in the nomination Runway makeup 2012, bronze winner of the World Championship in the nomination Wedding makeup, makeup artist of the ZIK and HTA tv channels. • Judge of Ukrainian and international championships of makeup, eyelash extension and eyebrow modeling. • Master of lash making, master of brow modeling, teacher technologist at KODI professional, founder and teacher of the studio center “IRINA CHERNYSH makeup studio”, Lvov. • Silver winner of Ukrainian Championship in the nomination “The look and complex technology of eyelash extension”. • Co-organizer and judge of the regional qualifying of the Ukrainian Championship of eyelash extension and eyebrow extension and modeling “The Golden Lion” ‎‎(2013-2017), Lvov. • Judge of plenty of Ukrainian championships, in particular "Luxury Lashes", Odessa, "INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY FEST - IBF 2017" and “The Golden Lion”, Lvov, «BEAUTY WEST», Khmelnitskii. • Member of the judging panel of the Championship of Ukraine, judge of the Championship “International Makeup Awards-2018” (Milan), judge of the Сhampionship “Star Lashes-2017” (Malaga, Spain). • In 2018, obtained the “International Make-up & Style School” award by a vote of the EUROPEAN FASHION UNION. • Participant of multiple conferences in the beauty industry. • Multiple participant and reporter at the exhibitions in the beauty industry (Estet beauty expo, InterCharm).


Olena Obukhova

▪︎ Winner and winner of championships in the highest category
 ▪︎ Special Prize Winner
 ▪︎ Certified trainer at Glory Lash International Academy.
 ▪︎ author of the championship preparation course
 ▪︎ author of the course "Trending Effects ✔ Top Master!"
 ▪︎ founder of the GLORY studio, which received the award "Best Studio Interior" among the trainers of the Glory Lash Academy
 ▪︎ owner of the GLADLY brand (luxury tweezers)
 ▪︎ official representative of the Lovely brand in Estonia;
 ▪︎ winner of the "Best-awards" award in the nomination "The Best Lash Expert of Estonia"
 ▪︎ two-time laureate of the award ☆ Elite of the beauty industry ☆ in the nominations "The best coach for modeling eyes" and "Breakthrough of the year"
 ▪︎ author of the article "Kim K effect created in color" for Lash-Ed magazine.
 ▪︎ current judge of the Lash Fest championship, St. Petersburg;
 ▪︎ referee of the ASIA BEAUTY FEST championship, Ulan-Ude
 ▪︎ referee of the Fox Beauty Battle Championship, Saransk
 ▪︎ judge of the GOLD STAR championship, Sochi
 ▪︎ referee Pixel Eyes online championship
 ▪︎ referee of the Sea Perfect Championship, Anapa
 ▪︎ referee of the Dalila Beauty Cup championship, Riga
 ▪︎ referee of the online Way To Victory Championship
 ▪︎ referee of the online championship NUOVO TOP
 ▪︎ VIP guest of beauty art festival VIRIDILAND, Kiev
 ▪ Participant in conferences / congresses of Russia and Europe.