Date: May 24, 2019

WORKSHOP of visage by Dain Yoon

Topic: Create your own Alita!

Practical workshop with development on yourself.

Dain Yoon is the world-famous make-up artist and body-artist who creates incredible optical illusions on her face and body. Her amazing works conquered the whole world. And no one could repeat her success. Dain Yoon masterfully distorts reality with the help of brushes, aqua paints and decorative cosmetics.
• Winner of many international art awards
• Judge of the International Championship in Visage in the framework of the IBF 2018
• Author of articles in such publications as Cosmopolitan (USA), UFunk (France), OkChicas (Spain), Vesti (Bulgaria), (Germany), MTV (United Kingdom), Elle (Taiwan), TeenVOGUE (USA) and others .
• Not only the main channels of South Korea, but also KBS, SBS, MBC, MTV, CNN, ABC News and other made journalistic stories about her.

“Alita: Fighting Angel” is one of the most anticipated science fiction films of 2019, which already today has a huge number of fans around the world. At the Dain Yoon workshop you will get unique knowledge and skills for creation of your own realistic image of the main character of the cult comics - android named Alita.
Themes of the workshop?
• Choice of themes, features of the image of Alita
• Composition of pattern on the face (head) and body
• Secrets of the perfect sketch
• Preparation of necessary tools and paints, the use of decorative elements
• Creating a complete, realistic body art image of Alita by the master

The workshop will be interesting for:
• make-up artists and stylists
• body art masters
• cosplay fans
• artists working in alternative genres

Price: 200 Euro

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