Date: May 01, 2018



Aim of the contest: providing an independent platform for publishing the own works, regardless the master’s status and experience of work of fair competition for the best look in the noted by the Organizer’s nominations.

Photo contest is open, so masters can take part in the nomination, regardless their citizenship and residence place (country). Contest is held on the official site of the INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY FEST.



One participant can take part in all nominations, regardless of experience.

A participant should send the photo of works to the e-mail:[email protected], Indicating the following information:

  • - Full name of participant
  • - Full name of model;
  • - Nomination;
  • - Contact phone number;
  • - Country, city.


  1. 1. All works for the contest "created image" can be processed by graphic editors.

It is FORBIDDEN to change the colors and shades of make-p and the image as a whole (shape of the face, shape of the eyes, lips, nose, height of the forehead, makeup or decor elements) during processing.

  1. 2. Photos, taken by a professional photographer are accepted for consideration. Photos should be anonymous (no decals of the salon, school, makeup artist or photographer should be indicated on the image itself).
  2. 3. The work will be assigned a serial number, which will be voted on.
  3. 4. The format of the photo is .jpg.
  4. 5. ATTENTION! The work should be new, never before presented.
  5. 6. Submission of works for the competition is held until 30 of may, 2019
  6. 7. Voting on the site for the work will take place from 10 to 17 May 2019.


Sending works to the competition, the author gives a consent to use the provided material by the organizers for purposes, related to the holding and promoting the competition.


The organizers of the contest have a right:

1. To put the works in official Internet sources (connected to the contest).

2. To present works printed or electronic for its assessment by judges.

3. To use the work of finalists in any print and electronic media to inform the public about holding the competition and its outcome.

4. To use the works of finalists to prepare information materials, accompanying the competition.

Championship Nominations

MAGAZINE COVER. Magazine cover

A contestant must create a look, according to the given topic, but match the fashionable colors and trends of season.

A look of model should be complete (makeup, hairstyle, manicure, accessories and additional elements).

When creating a look, master has a right to work any technique, use any means of professional decorative cosmetics, any special effects and technologies.


It is necessary to provide the following materials:
  • portrait photo of the model in the image (without any type of processing, retouching or color correction);

  •  portrait photo of the model in the image (with correction).


Assessment criteria:
  • matching a look to the given topic;

  • accuracy of work performance;

  • complexity of work performance;

  • using the trendy textures;

  • photography skills;

  • relevance of up-to date trends.



  • I place – 500 $

  • II place – 400 $

  • III place – 300 $

Cost of participation:
1.00 €
Registration finished


1. The winners of the contest will be the participants, whose works gain the largest number of votes in each nomination. The ratio of votes: the panel of judges - 80%, the site visitors - 20%.

2. During the entire voting period, information on the number of votes and points, received from the panel of judges will be available on the website, as well as the average rating that determines the voting leaders.

3. Separately, the winner in the nomination "People’s Choice" will be chosen (only the votes of site visitors are considered).



The award ceremony will take place on May 25th.  On the main stage of the festival Viridiland.