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Einat Dan

Einat Dan is one of the leading Make Up Artists & Art Directors of our time. Her career
has spanned over two decades and reached almost every continent. Her groundbreaking
talent was apparent in her early work starting out in Tel Aviv in Israel leading her to
quickly move on to living and working out of cities such as New York, Milan and
Her main passion has been centered in Make Up art and her unique vision has built up a
client list the eads like a catalogue of great fashion houses. Her work has been featured
on the covers of all the great fashion and make up magazines often with articles
dedicated to the interesting life of the artist herself. This dedication to her work
transformed her into one of the most booked teachers for master-classes and workshops
to professional makeup artists worldwide.
Einat’s passion flows beyond the boundaries of make up into every area that can be
touched by her talent. In 2012 she created and launched a successful line of Makeup
Brushes called MIA by Einat Dan. In 2013 she found her new passion for fashion films,
writing the scripts, directing, producing and acting as head of make up on set. She has
also worked extensively on fashion shows, music videos, art direction and set design.
Her hand crafted headdresses and costuming have been showcased in many top fashion
editorials and covers worldwide.
This intensive dedication to her talent and career have lead her to win twenty eight
world awards, including top recognitions in the industries of makeup. She has an inner
fire that has burned consistently with the years of passion and resulted in a large
following of artistic admirers.